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The third group of teachers was very small We met in Stanes School, Coonoor in October.
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The teachers said:
The course content was dealt with in an interactive manner with a lot of useful activities and discussions. The power point presentations and worksheets were helpful to stimulate thinking and understanding the topics. The friendly atmosphere made us feel relaxed even though a lot of was accomplished in the three days.
Unforgettable days

Here is what the students said in September 2010:-

Soshanah;I found the remediation strategies very useful. I will try them in my class.


The session on behavioural problems was enlightening.

Joan: I received a lot of input on lesson planning, a new area for me

Mini: I was able to learn how to interpret a psychological report for a parent.

This was a mixed group - two teachers are part way through the course and two others joined now. They worked well together and all participated in the activities.

Testing students
Study time

Working on Assignments

Working together