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West Catholic High School


Finding your Passion and Purpose at West 

At West Catholic Prep we strive to build well-rounded students who are successful both in and out of the classroom.

West Catholic Preparatory High School prepares students for life.  We strive to touch hearts before touching minds, as our patron saint John Baptist de la Salle said.  West Catholic Prep offers Honors and College Prep programs of studies. Each student is academically placed according to ability and previous achievement. Minimum requirements for graduation include four years of Theology, English, and Social Studies, three years of Mathematics and Science, two years of Foreign Language, a course in Physical Education and Health, Fine Arts, and Technology.

Our academics are balanced by artistic, athletic, extracurricular, cultural, and spiritual programs that help students explore every aspect of their ambition. Whatever your passion is, there is space for you here at West because we believe in  all our students and are committed to providing the guidance and support they need to grow in  and out of the classroom.